Face to Face consultations

We are now open to face to face consultations. Due to government and governing body guidelines we have had to make changes to how we operate. 

Before a face to face consultation is approved you must have the initial consultation remotely. Either over the phone or preferable by Skype. We have chosen Skype because of its security however please inform us via email if you would prefer a different virtual platform.

Steps to a face to face consultation include:

Step 1

Please click on the link to read our COVID-19 Policy . It is very important that you do.

Step 2

Please email us at theclaydonclinic@btinternet.com and we will get back to you regarding a phone triage 

Step 3

Please call 01245 401255 to book a face to face consultation. If you have your card ready you can pay over the phone when you book

Step 4

Please print out the necessary documents and sign. If you are unable to do this do not worry, let us know prior to the appointment and we will have forms for you to fill out waiting for you. 

Step 5

On arrival please stay in your car. As mentioned in our policy the waiting area will be closed. Please do not be late as unfortunately we will not be able to accommodate this as normal. If you need to fill out forms then please arrive early to do this. The forms will be in a box outside. 

Old Southend Rd, Howe Green, CM2 7TB

Tel: 01245 401255

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