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Pre Skiing Physiotherapy

Although skiing is arguable one of the best holidays of the year it is easy to forget how physically demanding skiing and snowboarding are.


Most soft-tissue, ligament and tendon injuries are either preventable, or their impact can be reduced.

Hips, knees and ankles are the most frequently injured due to twisting injuries; generally caused by fatigue and poor positional alignment/ biomechanics. 


It is important to have good  balance, strength and muscle endurance in gluteal muscles, quadriceps, ankle stabilisers and the core muscles. As you can see skiing/snow boarding presents us with a challenging full body workout over a several hour period.


Our physiotherapists appreciate that we are all unique and everybody has different strengths and weaknesses dependent on their body type, fitness levels, skiing competence and previous injuries. 


Getting assessed at the Claydon Clinic is easy. Most of the preparation you need you can do yourself so you will not need many appointments. 


In the assessment we will identify areas of muscle weakness, joint stiffness and highlight poor biomechanics. Our physiotherapists will give you advice and treat any niggles in which you have been carrying through out the year. these may lead to injury on the slopes. 

 By your ski holiday you will have the confidence that will finish your day of skiing without injury and ready to hit the bars!!


Treatment programmes have the options of including joint mobilisations,  soft tissue massage, acupuncture, home exercise programs, gym programmes, Pilates, and one-on-one training.

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