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Sports Physiotherapy

Unfortunately mosts sports have an element of risk and a probability of injury. Our Physiotherapists have extensive experience in treating a wide range of sporting injuries and preventing them before they happen.


 Through our experience we have learnt that athletes can come back fitter and stronger after an injury if they have undergone correct rehabilitation.

Physiotherapists at the Claydon Clinic have treated recreational sports participants through to international athletes including Olympians and International footballers. 

We appreciate how frustrating an injury can be and the negative mental affect it can have. This is why our experienced Physios can help you with every element of the effect of injury. 

If you have a coach or personal trainer the Claydon Clinic is more than happy to work with them, , as our goals will be the same, enabling you to perform to your best. 





The Claydon Clinic offers the following services related to sport:

- Back to sport fitness testing

- Rehabilitation

- Prehabilitation 

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