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Sports rehabilitation

Physiotherapists at the Claydon Clinic are highly experienced at rehabilitating athletes back to their chosen sport. Our Physiotherapists have worked numerous sporting organisations including British Athletics, British Boxing and the FA to name but a few. 

Here at the Claydon Clinic we believe it is important to keep you active throughout the whole rehabilitation process whilst you are recovering from injury. 

Our aim is to not only to educate you on your injury, but to take into consideration your individual needs within your sport and to develop a personalised plan to get you back to your optimum health and fitness, and to return to you chosen sport fitter and stronger than before.

Our Physiotherapists will restore normal movement, biomechanics and function. This will incorporate cutting edge rehabilitation techniques, therefore in addition to treatment we can carry out further assessments to highlight any weak areas, muscle imbalance and compensatory movements that could potentially cause further injury, 

What makes us different for other sports injury clinics is the fact that we can provide specific sports tests on multiple surfaces to test accurately whether you are ready to return to sport. 

We are also one of the few clinics which offer a brace fitting service. These braces are designed to provide stability to joints and to offload certain areas of arthritis whilst allowing you to maintain correct biomechanics. This means that your muscles will work more efficiently and you can keep performing sport for longer. 

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