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“Perfect Balance of Body and Mind, is that quality in civilised man, which not only gives him superiority over the savage and animal kingdom, but furnishes him with all the physical and mental powers that are dispensable for attaining the goal of Mankind – health and happiness.” (Pilates 1934)



Pilates is a way of connecting and conditioning the whole being, body and mind. Pilates is a mind–body fitness program named after its founder, Joseph H. Pilates. This fitness program is designed to improve flexibility, strength, coordination, balance and posture. 


Pilates sessions at The Claydon Clinic are taught by Chartered Physiotherapists. This means you can feel confident that any injuries/health conditions will be taken into account  and exercise can be modified. The Pilates sessions can be taken as an individual session or in a class. (maximum 6 persons)


Key points of Pilates:


  • Suitable for all age groups and fitness levels

  • Suitable for antenatal and postnatal patients

  • Safe and effective treatment for chronic back pain and neck pain

  • Improve general body condition and improve fitness

  • Improve mental well being 

  • Can be used to help treat injuries

  • Improve sports performance 

  • Programmes can be made specific to cyclists and runners

  • Beginner and advanced classes available 

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