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Massage is a therapeutic treatment which has been used since early times  and is increasingly popular in not just the sporting athletes but sedentary workers too  


Soft Tissue massage causes an increase in blood and lymph circulation which helps to deliver oxygen and nutrients to the muscle tissue aiding repair. 

Massage also reduces muscle tension as pressure and waste products are released. Fibrous bands that form between the muscle tissue as a result of injury  and poor posture are loosened. This helps to increase muscle flexibility. 


Massage can be used to:


  • Help to prepare for a sporting event

  • Aid recovery and reduce muscle soreness from exercise

  • Assist in the physiotherapy treatment of tissue injury

  • Reduce stress and anxiety

  • Maintain or improve range of motion and muscle flexibility.

  • Help to correct poor posture 

  • Break down scar tissue

  • Reduce tissue swelling. 


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