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Winter/Flu season policy

The health and safety of our Physiotherapists and Patients is our first priority. Our aim is to allow Patients to attend our clinic with the upmost confidence.


Although COVID-19 restrictions in work place settings including most hospital departments have lifted, we as a clinic have decided to continue to implement a few measures during the winter/flu season. 


We have carried out an extensive risk assessment for every aspect of our clinic environment and as a result have put in place infection prevention and control protocols and policies to keep personnel safe.


Before your appointment 


  • If you are displaying any cold/flu like symptoms or have been near anyone who has tested positive for COVID-19  in the past week, then please rearrange your appointment. 

  • Please also do attend your appointment is you had sickness or diarrhoea in the last 48 hours. 

  • Hand sanitiser will be available to use on entering to the clinic. please still use this on entry. 

  • Remember your face covering.

  • Unfortunately, we will not be able to offer refreshments, please bring your own water if necessary. 

Enhanced Personal Protective (PPE)


  • Your physiotherapist will be wearing PPE in the forms of gloves and face protection, if you a hard of hearing we are more than happy to wear clear visas rather than face masks.

  • We will still be asking patients to wear a face covering whilst in the waiting room and if your treatment entails close face to face contact with the physiotherapists in the treatment room. Patients do not have to wear masks in the gym or when participating in out door fitness testing. 

Social distancing 

  • Please be mindful that vulnerable patients use the facilities. These patients will appreciate been given a little extra space when in the waiting area and whilst moving around inside the clinic. 


Enhanced practice-wide disinfection procedures

  • Rooms will be cleaned to their normally high standard in-between each patient.

  • Bed covers and face pillow have been removed as standard. All pillows are wipeable so they can be cleaned regularly. 

  • External doors and windows will be propped open, if weather allows to maximise air flow. 


Appointment times


 Please give us at least 24hrs cancellation notice. Otherwise there will be a cancellation charge. Please do not be late  as we will not be able to run over time due to our strict cleaning schedule.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to call us on 01245401255 or email us at,

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