COVID-19 policy 

We hope you have stayed safe and healthy through this uncertain time of the coronavirus pandemic. We would like to express our gratitude to you and your families for your continued understanding and support to us and the clinic. 

Following recently update guidance The Claydon Clinic will be open for ‘face to face’ consultations, where clinically appropriate and necessary. 

These appointments are only available after having a remote consultation first including a triage assessment. 

The health and safety of our Physiotherapists and Patients is our first priority. Our aim is to allow Patients to attend our clinic with the upmost confidence. We have carried out an extensive risk assessment for every aspect of our clinic environment and as a result have put in place infection prevention and control protocols and policies to keep personnel safe. These are up to date and based on government guidelines and our governing body, The Chartered Society of Physiotherapy. 

Below is a list of the enhanced measures that will be enforced to continue the protection of the public and limit the further spread of the COVID-19 virus. 

We may find that the conditions placed upon our profession are eased, and in time, we will be able to reconsider and amend these. 


Remote Consultation First 

Our governing body and the Government have stated we must hold a remote consultation first. For all new patients or returning patients with new injuries, this will include a detailed triage assessment, a detailed subjective assessment and exercises to start prior to your treatment. The reasons why this will be beneficial include: 

  • Ensure the safety of our staff and patients 

  • To allow time for a detailed subjective assessment that does not have the safety risks of doing this face to face. Normally in an initial consultation the first 20 minutes are spent taking a detailed subjective assessment. The subjective assessment allows us to; create an extensive understanding of what the problems is, understand how it affects you, enables us to create a working hypothesis and understand what it is you want to achieve with physiotherapy. By doing this online first, we reduce the contact time and risk of virus transmission. This remote assessment will be safer and more cost effective for you than coming to the clinic for your first session. 

  • We can prepare and clean all the extra equipment you may need in advance. 

  • To allow your treatment time to be as efficient as possible. 

  • Advice and exercises before physiotherapy session can help prepare you for your session


For any patients who a were receiving Physiotherapy before COVID-19 outbreak and require Physiotherapy for the same condition then please email us, and we will call you back and perform the triage over the phone. You do not need to go through the consultation first; only the triage.


The Triage


The purpose of the triage is for us to be able to make sure that you are aware of the risks that involved with a face to face consultations. We will go through information about COVID-19, ask questions to determine if you are displaying signs or symptoms of the disease and to identify that you are not in the high or moderate risk category. With this information and along with information about your condition we will then be able to clinically reason whether it is in your best interest to attend a face to face appointment. We will be asking ourselves these key points:

  • Has the patient had remote Physiotherapy first and given the condition enough time to settle with no affect? 

  • If untreated could the condition lead to further health implications? 

  • If their condition deteriorates should it require hospital admission, visit to A&E or GP services? 

Documentation to sign 

  • These are all available and easy to find on our website. 

  • If you cannot do this please arrive early to your appointment and you can fill the forms out in the car. There will be a box outside the clinic door with the documents inside. Please bring your own pen. 


Before your appointment 

  • Please if you can, bring all documentation signed as described above with you. If you are displaying any symptoms of have been near anyone who has in the last two weeks you will not be allowed to continue. 

  • If possible, please shower and change clothes prior to attending. 

  • All staff and patients will be temperature checked on entering the clinic and advised not to enter if their temperature is above 37.8 

  • Hand sanitiser will be available to use on entering to the clinic 

  • Remember your face covering, you will need to bring in your face covering to use inside the clinic. 

  • Unfortunately, we will not be able to offer refreshments, please bring your own water if necessary. 

  • Toilet facilities will unfortunately be for emergency use only. 

  • To prevent cross infection by touching unsansitised items patients are asked to leave all non-essential belongings at home or in their vehicle before entering the clinic

Enhanced Personal Protective (PPE)


  • Your physiotherapist will be wearing PPE in the forms of plastic apron, gloves, face protection and if necessary, eye coverings.

  • We will be asking patients to wear a face covering.

  • We may have to increase our fees due to the additional safety measure that must be taken to ensure your safety.


30 minutes ‘settling’ period


Guidelines have suggested that leaving the room for 30 minutes between Physiotherapy patients may allow virus particles to settle from the air before surface disinfection procedures take place. One Physiotherapist will be operating between two clinical treatment rooms to allow one to be cleaned whilst the other is in use. This will considerably limit the number of patients we can see per day.


Social distancing 

  • The 2m rule will applied to all on the premises outside of clinical zones. The waiting area will remain closed. The Physiotherapist will collect you from your car. If we do not collect you at your appointment time then please give us a call (01245401255) to let us know you are here. 

  • Unfortunately, in most circumstances we will not allow other family members or drivers into the clinic. They must wait outside. 

  • If you do require a chaperone then they must fill out a chaperone health declaration form on arrival. 

  •  Our reception will work out of hours or in a closed room to protect against face-to-face viral transmission. Please leave a message on our answer machine or send an email and she will get back to you as soon as possible. 


Enhanced practice-wide disinfection procedures

  • Rooms will be cleaned to their normally high standard in-between each patient. We have allocated 15 minutes to do this. 

  • We will also clean walkthrough area immediately after patient leaves the clinic. 

  • Bed covers, pillows and face pillow have been removed as standard. They can be requested if absolute necessary and strict washing rules will apply. 

  • External doors and windows will be propped open, if weather allows to maximise air flow. 

  • All magazines and all non-essential material will be removed, including drinks dispensers.


Appointment times


We will only offer a limited choice of appointment times to patients, following a strict scheduling protocol. This is to minimise the number of patients and staff in the clinic at one time Please do not be late to your appointment as we will not be able accommodate as we used to! Please give us at least 24hrs cancellation notice. Otherwise there will be a cancellation charge. Appointments will be 30 minutes long however as stated previous we will not be able to run over time due to our strict cleaning schedule.


Payment for Face to Face consultation


Payment options for self-funding patients include; paying over the phone by visa/debit or by BACS. Please only use cash as a last resort. Follow up appointment After the initial face to face consultation has occurred then we will discuss whether future treatment sessions can be delivered remotely or if ongoing face to face sessions are needed. 



Finally... We hope that you appreciate these difficult decisions we have had to make. if you have any questions please do not hesitate to call us on 01245401255 or email us at,