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Flowtron is an effective non invasive therapy which uses an intermittent pneumatic compression to treat a wide range of vascular, circulatory and lymphatic conditions. The Flowtron system consists of a sleeve which is worn and connected to a pump via flexible tubes. The sleeve is programmed to inflate to stimulate blood flow through deep veins.  As the sleeve inflates it compresses the veins and pushes blood back towards the heart, then deflates.  

The compression also helps to break down proteins which form blood clots. Flowtron therapy has been shown to reduce pain, swelling, increase venous and lymphatic flow and enhance circulation. 

Physiotherapists at the Claydon Clinic use this device to reduce swelling after injuries, to help patients with oedema/celluiltis, and for post operative care, especially as it can reduce the risk of blood clots forming after operations. 

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