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Pre Ski Tips

Strength- To help reduce aches on the slopes it is important to build up muscle power and endurance in the following muscles: Core, arms, quads, gluteals, calves and hamstrings. Although squats are a good exercise make sure you keep your  pelvis neutral and knees are in a good alignment. Lunges, heel raises, side lunges, step ups, single leg squats, box/squat jumps, burpees, tricep dips, press ups are also good functional exercises but make sure you increase the load gradually and have good alignment to avoid injury.

Core - “Core Stability" is your body’s ability to dynamically control and support your spine via specific muscles. A strong core distributes the stresses of weight-bearing and protects the back. This is essential in skiing/snowboarding. by having a good core system you can increase muscle performance and reduce injury. Especially if you are considering moguls and jumping.  Gym ball, Pilates and balance exercises are the perfect way to increase your core.

Balance and proprioception-Proprioception is your body awareness of positioning and how well your muscles react to change. For example when you are skiing through different types of terrain or snow; your body acts subconsciously to stay upright while  your mind processes the upcoming terrain of bumps, trees, gradient, conditions of snow/ice and makes the appropriate adjustments. You can improve this by working on balance exercises and jumping whilst maintaining correct alignment. Here at the clinic we have fun using the Bosu, rocker boards  and sports cords. 


Cardiovascular fitness- cycling, running , cross trainers, circuit training and the stepper can all  help to increase your general fitness to cope with the demands of a day on the slopes. However make sure you address any niggles and have a good base line of strength to avoid training injury

Flexibility- As well as increasing strength it is important to maintain the correct muscle length. This will help your to achieve good ski biomechanics and alignment. Keep stretches dynamic before any activity and static afterwards holding the stretch for 30 seconds.

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