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Complaints Procedure 

Complaints Procedure

We are committed to providing a high quality physiotherapy service to all out patients , if you unfortunately disapprove of any part of our service or have ideas in which we could improve , we would be grateful if you could inform us so that we can improve our standards.


We greatly value our relationship with you and we endeavor to address any complaint to your satisfaction, acting in a thorough, sensitive and confidential manner.

Please direct any complaints you may have in writing to Sue Lennox whose contact details can be found below. 

Sue Lennox

The Claydon Clinic

Old Southend Rd

Howe Green



We would appreciate it if you could include:

  • A brief background leading up to the complaint

  • Who was involved, date and time

  • Precisely what your complaint is

  • What action you would like us to take to resolve it

Once the complaint has been processed  you will receive a letter of acknowledgment within 2 working days and, where deemed appropriate, a telephone call to clarity any points.

You will receive a written response to the complaint from within 7 working days giving an explanation for the situation and proposed action. You will be notified if any delays with a reason why. 

If possible and appropriate we will invite you to discuss the issues raised with our aim being to:

• Resolve all complaints in a fashion that is  satisfactory to all
• Learn from the process
• Retain our relationship with you

We do however accept that, unfortunately, not all complaints will result in a satisfactory conclusion and, if we are unable to do this then we suggest that you contact the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC)

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