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I qualified as a Pilates instructor at the Pilates Institute London in 2004. More recently I have also qualified at the APPI Institute, covering specialties such as Neuro conditions, Healthy Hips, Shoulder rehabilitation, Pilates for seniors and Pilates for pregnancy. Pilates is a discipline created by Mr. Joseph Pilates and is all about core work, stability, flexibility & mobility. I found Pilates after a major back surgery operation, due to my long history as a tennis player and coach. I played tennis from the age of 5 through to adulthood at county and national level. This took its toll and I ended up needing surgery on my spine, level L4 to S1. Pilates was my savour and strengthened my core enabling me to return to a normal life. I was so taken with its success for me, I decided to train as an instructor. I wanted to share my success and help others to achieve their own goals. I have been teaching ever since. I have instructed 1 to 1 through to large group sizes, including sessions over Zoom during the Covid pandemic and beyond.


I am married with 2 children and I enjoy walking, hiking, swimming, scuba diving and generally being outdoors and active.

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