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I trained at the Middlesex Hospital, London in the early 1980's  and developed a life long interest in treating spinal pain after undergoing lumbar disc surgery at this time. 

My first job was as a physiotherapist was at Whipps Cross Hospital. I also started working evenings and weekends at a private physiotherapy clinic to gain more outpatient experience. 

I then moved to Harold Wood Hospital as a senior physiotherapist working in all the hospital departments and two children's special needs schools. 

I completed a postgraduate diploma in sports medicine which led me to work with the men's Welsh national volley ball squad. 

I left the NHS after 10 years, for a senior post at the Spire Hartswood. I worked closely with Orthopedic surgeons and treated in and outpatients. I also ran hydrotherapy classes. 

After 4 years at the Hartswood I went back into the NHS to run a Direct Access Outpatient Clinic. 

In 1993 I started my own private clinic. This progressed into running two clinics in Essex with the help of several associate physiotherapists until April, 2022.

After moving house and briefly considering  early retirement, i know work part time at The Claydon Clinic. 

Over the years I have attended many courses and conferences, ran peer group training sessions and qualified as a Medical Acupuncturist 25 years ago. 

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