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Due to Covid-19 the clinic is closed to face to face appointments however we can perform video consulting or phone consulting. If you have a quick question then please email us


We want to ensure that our patients, regardless of isolation, have access to advice and information  in order to, diagnose, manage and rehabilitate your injury, We can also educate you on posture correction to prevent sedentary injuries. 


What does it involve?


Initial consultations consist of:

  • An online video Skype call with a chartered physiotherapist

  • Information gathering, an assessment of your condition and management guidance

  • An action plan- this could be a course of physiotherapy if appropriate, a referral to another specialist e.g. GP or simply re-assurance that your are already doing the right thing,  That rest and time to heal is all you need. 

  • Where physiotherapy is appropriate, we will talk you through and prescribe a home exercise programme that is tailored just for you. We will also provide education on how to manage your pain and injury most effectively.

  • Email containing link to the personalised treatment plan.

  • Advice on the need for booking a follow up session.  


Follow up consultations consists of:

  • An online Skype video-call with a chartered physiotherapist

  • A re-assessment of your progress and further advice. 

  • Adjustment of your personalised treatment plan, if appropriate we can give you more challenging exercises. Once they get easier then you can book another appointment in several weeks time for some more. 

Final consultation consists of:

During your final session we will educate you on how to self manage your condition. We will highlight the important of the maintenance exercises you will be subscribed. Also we will give advice on  how to return to all activities safely. We will have plenty of tips on how to avoid future injury  If you have any further questions they can be emailed to us and will will answer them free of charge. 

These sessions are covered by many of the insurance companies e.g, Bupa, AXA PPP, WPA, Cigna, ​Aviva and Vitality. It is your responsibility to obtain an authorisation code prior to treatment. Otherwise the cost of the treatment will be invoiced to you. 

Please read terms and conditions before booking. In order to qualify for a refund, cancellations must be received within 24hours of your appointment. Should cancellations be received within 24 hours your booking will unfortunately still be charged at the full rate. 

To make managing your bookings easier you can become a member. 

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